About the company

Svea Power is a technology company that offers products and consulting services within power industry with experience extending up to ASEA time.

Our focus on expertise lies in turbine and voltage regulation, relay protection, monitoring, automation and other expert services in the area. We offer our products globally, but mainly within the Nordic region. Our goal is to advance the skills we have built over the years and also with future developments within our expertise. Svea Power is investing in long-term and quality.

Business Concept

Our business idea is to offer qualified products / expert services within power electricity industry. By offering our customers flexible standard solutions and the expertise we should at Svea Power make us attractive and competitive in our business area.  


Svea Power will aims to be the customers first choice in power electricity and automation. With short lead and decision times, we will increase our focus on our customers.


    • Quality
    • Flexibility
    • Fast services
    • Expertise within power electrical and automation
    • Troubleshooting